Arts On Stage Performance Survey


  • 1=Not At All
  • 2=Not very much
  • 3=Somewhat
  • 4=More than Somewhat
  • 5=Totally!
1. How well does this show fit into your curriculum?
2. Did you download the study guide?
3. If yes, did you find it helpful?
If no, suggestions for improvement are welcome!
4. Is this a show you feel we should book for the future?
5. How would you rate your students' enjoyment?
6. Did you find the show to be age appropriate?
7. How easily did your students comprehend the show's theme?
8. Will the performance be valuable as a teaching tool?

Arts On Stage frequently quotes from comments made on this form in our marketing, promotional and grant support materials. If you would prefer that your response not be quoted please state that in the comments section of this survey. Your request will be honored.

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