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Folk Tales from Around the World

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Folk Tales - Language Arts - Reading

Stone Soup and Other Stories is a charming, well-seasoned blend of folk tales from around the world. This performance supports the literacy movement’s emphasis on the joy of reading and provides a starting point for ongoing enjoyment of folk tales in the classroom. Without a doubt, this familiar brew of favorites will delight very young audiences — from age 4 to 94! Dynamic, participatory and filled with zesty entertainment, “Stone Soup…” is on the gourmet “not to be missed” list for young viewers! Folk Tales include: "Stone Soup", "Freddie Lee Fisher", "The Greatest Being" and "The Long One". Check out the Study Guide for information on these Folk Tales.


  • Stone Soup & Other Stories
Theatre Info
Panther Theatre (Hampstead)
1400 Panther Drive
Hampstead, MD 21074
  • Panther Theatre